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About Rowena Gill


Rowena has been designing all her life. Commissioned by top designers, Yves saint Laurent, Emmanuel Ungaro and Christian Lacroix...

She is renowned for her fine eye in detail and craftsmanship, which have brought her continual success. Her fine wools, silks, linens, and embroideries come from the finest mills all over the world.

At Rowena's you will enjoy the unique experience of bespoke tailoring....

All little girls believe in fairies, elves and magic spells and Rowena Gill was no exception, but these childhood images cast a spell over Rowena, and continue to do so as the main source of inspiration for her fairytale designs.

Fate was to intervene however, when walking through the small back streets of Paris early one morning: something sparkling in the dustbin caught her eye. On a closer inspection she discovered it to be a box of beautiful antique glass beads: she was approached by an elderly gentleman who explained that it was he who discarded the box whilst in the process of clearing out his attic, and told her that he had more is she would like them.

Ever since this auspicious beginning, Rowena has been designing and making her fantastical repertoire of necklaces, chokers, bags, and beaded jewelled dresses. Working with Swarovski Crystal, linked with tiny jet and glass beads, her work is often incredibly intricate and some of her large pieces can take months at a time to complete.

Rowena's fine eye for colour and detail and her stunning, innovative designs have brought her continued success, she now sells her jewellery in all the fashion capitals over the world. Commissioned to do several Haute Courture shows including, Emmanuel Ungaro, Christian Lacroix, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Rowena is based in Up State New York in a small beautiful country town "Millbrook". Her workshop is where she designs and makes made to measure, beaded, evening and wedding dresses.

With much success she has had her pieces worn by: